Digital Property
Management Platform
Digital and smarter way of living for premium communities,
shopping malls and office buildings…
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Redefine the Way We Live & Work

CondoLife® Digital Property Management Platform is designed to enhance the way we live, work and shop. CondoLife® management platform and user application will support property owners, tenants, visitors, property managers and their teams all together.
Enhance Our Lives
CondoLife® users will be able to follow & register to exclusive events, receive important announcements, attend surveys, order one click services & products, easily book & get access to amenities and make mobile payments
Support the Community & Ecosystem
Instant access to neighborhood attractions, classes, restaurants, stores, and services.Receive unique offers from within the condo loyalty participants.Connect with your neighbours, make friends and build a stronger community
Improve Property Management & Services
Empower you property management with newest technology platform where you can manage all units, residents, visitors, employees, security, access management, vehicles, critical announcements and emergencies.

CondoLife® for Residents & Guests

Click to Order (Water, taxi etc.)
Security Management
Easy Mobile Payment
Account History
Unit & Vehicle Management
Access Management
Surveys & Annoucements
Service Requests
Residents & Guests
Events & Promotions
Solution Areas
CondoLife® Platform can serve to various
industries as a trusted digital partner
Premium Residences
Start using your branded application using the
CondoLife® SaaS Premium Residence platform.
Enhance your resident journey with events, surveys,
cargo management, visitor management, premium
services and many other features…
Gated Communities
Instantly become a digital community with
CondoLife® SaaS Gated Community platform.
Manage your community using CondoLife®
Dashboard, manage requests, payments,
announcements and teams at your fingertips…
Workspaces & Offices
No more plastic cards... All you need is CondoLife®
Office management platform. Now you can manage
access using smart phones, track and approve
visitors digitally, improve service revenues using the
CondoLife® Office App.
Shopping Malls
Your branded shopping mall app ready in just days.
Use CondoLife® Shopping Mall App to get visitor
analytics, manage stores and contracts, make
announcements and events. All form the same app
using the CondoLife® Shopping Mall platform
CondoLife® platform can help you to digitize your
property including hotels, airports, restaurant
chains, arenas, concerts halls and many more..
Contact today to start your digital journey with

Resident Application

CondoLife® Digital Property Management Platform is designed to enhance the way we live, work and shop.CondoLife® Management Platform and User Application will support property owners, tenants, visitors, property managers and their teams all together.
Resident Application
Visitor Application
Visitor & Access Control
Security Management
Events & Services
Announcements & Surveys
Request Management
Units & Vehicles
Smart Home
Mobile Payment
Book Amenities
Cargo Management

CondoLife® Property Management Platform

Start the digital property management era with CondoLife® Digital Property Management Platform. Now you will have real
time control capabilities on units, residents, employees, field teams, resident requests and much more… Everything you
need to run your premium property and enhance your resident journey…
Field Team Application
Management Dashboard
Visitor & Access Control
Security Management
Emergency Management
Digital Marketing
Requests & Tasks
Contracts Management
Customer Analytics
Units & Vehicles
Unit Sales & Rentals
ERP Entegration

CondoLife® Shopping Mall Platform

Ready to use, fully customizable SAAS Shopping Mall Visitor Application and Management Platform.
Use CondoLife® Shopping Mall Platform to manage your visitors & stores, create campaigns & offers,
provide indoor navigation & digital map and even accept parking payment from mobile app…
Visitor Application
Management Dashboard
Visitor Analytics
Stores & Units
Campaigns & Offers
Mobile Payments
Events & Bookings
Parking Payment
Map & Navigation
Valet & Car Request
Shopping Services
ERP Entegration

Premium Services
at Your Fingertips

How it works?
Search from hundreds of pre-screened services…
Transfers, private car, gardening, poolcare,
premium products, workshops and classes
Review pricing & ratings
Request instant booking and add to your calendar
Pay securely with your mobile credit card
Rate your service provider

Integration with
Parkjet Digital Parking

Parkjet Smart Parking Integration
99.9% Vehicle recognition
Manage Parking Areas
Manage Visitors
Accept Mobile Payment
Parkjet Smart Barrier & Kiosk

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